Worldwide Embassies by Country

Embassies and Contact Details

This website is very helpful if you need to plan an appointment and or trip to the embassy representing your country or the country you plan to visit. We not only provide contact details and public hours of every embassy but also a map of the area. An embassy can be best described as a representative office of one country to another and usually based in the capital city of that country. One of it's tasks is to act as a diplomatic representative to the country in which it is situated.

Consular Services

On this website you will find information on visas, passports, travel alerts and many more useful information on other consular services provided by the embassies. We also provide information to help you determine if a trip to either an embassy or consulate is best for you.

Consular services are very broad. They can be the replacement of expired or lost passports and emergency travel documents also called laissez-passer. In many way's other consular services are very similar as the services you would get at the public office of the local government in your home country such as registering citizen births, citizen's death, the registration of a marriage etc. In addition it also includes liaison with local police officials in case of an accident, death or serious crime abroad and help during crises, such as civil unrest and natural disasters concerning it's own citizens such as imigrants, tourists, and expatriates.

The consular department provides also a number of services to the members of the local population in the country where an embassy is based. That includes the issuing of visas, information on rules and regulations in the country they represent and areas which better be avoided such as areas with conflict such as high crime figures and terrorism.

Embassies and Tasks

Embassies are necessary in every country of importance. In geographical large countries embassies are usually aided by one or more consulates. While the terms embassy and consulate are used together there are differences especially in size and the services they can provide to the public.