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More information on visas and visa application procedures for Guinea you can find on this official government website or on the extensive visa information page of Guinea on Wikipedia.

General Visa Information – Not country specific
Types of Visa
Every country in the world has different categories of visas and with various different names. The most common names and types of visas include:
Transit visa - This is a visa for the purpose of passing through a country to a destination outside that country. Validity is usually limited by short.
Short-stay visa - A visa for the purpose of short visits or holiday to the host country. There can be different sub catagories such as:

- Private visa, for a private visits by means of an invitation from residents of the country.
- Tourist visa, for the purpose of holiday and leisure travel.
- Medical Visa, for the purpose of medical reasons such as treatment in a hospital in the host country.
- Business visa, for the purpose of engaging in business in the host country.
Long-stay visa - A visa for the purpose longer stays in a country but still finite stays. There can be different sub catagories such as:
- Student visa, for the purpose of study in the issuing country.
- Temporary worker visa, for the purpose of approved employment in the issuing country.
- Journalist visa, for the purpose of the occupation of journalist.
- Residence visa, for the purpose of obtaining long-term residence in the issuing country.
- Immigrant visa, for the purpose of immigration to the issuing.
- Spousal visa or partner visa, issued to the spouse, partner or de facto partner of a resident or citizen of the issuing country, to be able to settle as a couple.
- Marriage visa, for the purpose of intended marriage or civil partnership in the issuing country.
- Pensioner or Retirement visa, for the purpose of retiering in the issuing country.
Official visa - This is a visa given too officials doing a job for their government or representing their home countrie in the issuing country. This can be personnel of diplomatic missions.
- Diplomatic visa for holders of diplomatic passports.

Visa - Entry and duration period
Visas can be for multiple entries into the host country or for a single-entry.
Single Entry Visa - means the visa is for a single entry and canceled as soon you leaves the said country
Double-entry, or multiple-entry Visa’s which permits you double or multiple entries into the host country or territory with the same visa.
Some countries sometimes also issue re-entry permits. A re-entry permit allows you to temporarily leave the country without invalidating your current visa.
In most cases a business visa will normally not allow you to engage in working in the host country without an additional obtained work permit.
For some countries, the authorized period of stay of a visa is not the same as the validity of the visa.
For example, when a visa has been issued to start at April 1 and to expire on July 1, and the authorized period of stay is 90 days, then the 90-day authorized stay begins when you enter the country (the entrance must be between April 1 and July 1). Thus, the latest day you could stay in the country is maximum 90 days from the date you entered the country within the validity period of April 1 to July 1. So if you enter the country on May 1 you can not stay the maximum authorized 90 days since you have to leave the country on July 1.
Even when you have a visa, this does not guarantee you that you may entry the host country. The immigration at the border crossing will make the final determination to allow you to enter or not. They can even cancel your visa at the border if you ar not able to demonstrate to their satisfaction that you will abide by the status the visa granted to you.

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Here you will find information about visas and visa apllication procedures for Guinea.
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